Recreational Class Descriptions

We have classes available for boys and girls of all age groups! Sign up today through the parent portal or send us a message if you have any questions!


Dance With Me (ages 18 months - 3 years):


Dance With Me is a 45  minute creative movement class suitable for your young dancer. Parent/caregivers will participate actively in the class as children lean basic dance steps, movement, and terminology, through songs, stories, and play,


Tots 1 - Combo Class (ages 3 - 4):

This class is perfect for ages 3 + 4. Tots 1 combo class is comprised of Tap and Ballet This class will lay their foundation for correct, safe, and successful dancing in years to follow. Students will learn the basic steps and terminology in ballet and tap, along with the introduction of more skills and techniques. Instructions will foster creativity and imagination in class through movement and imaginary games. 

Tots 2 - Combo Class (ages 5 - 6):

Our tots 2 class is a 45 minute class consisting of Tap, and Ballet. This class is built on basic movements, already learned in the tots 1 but also appropriate for the first-time dancer. At this level, students will learn coordination with more challenging tap and ballet skills, through imagination activities across the floor while building balance and confidence. Dancers will enjoy learning ballet and tap terminology as well as the dance moves, and express their individuality. 

Tumbling (tots 1, ages 3 - 4):

This is a fun class that introduces students to basic tumbling fundamentals. This includes forwards and backwards rolls, bridges, cartwheels, and more. Students will work on strength and body awareness, all while working on solid foundations of beginner skills in a safe and supportive way. 

Tumbling (tots 2, ages 5 - 6):

This fun class will incorporate strength, flexibility, and continue focusing on proper technique for all skills. Instructors will provide safety for all tumbling. Skills that will be learned include handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridges, and more. 

Thursday Tots Tap/Ballet (ages 3 - 6):

This is a brand new age bracketed class that will be on Thursday's every week, starting March 4th, from 4:30 - 5:15pm. This class will be about the basics of tap and ballet, while teaching young students about technique and discipline to build on their foundation. 

Hip-Hop (ages 6 - 9):

Hip-hop encompasses many different intro dance styles. Our hip-hop classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality, and choreography that is age appropriate. Students will enjoy an energetic class that will develop focus, strength, and agility while having fun. 

Boys Only Hip-Hop (ages 6 - 10):

Boys are welcome in ALL dance classes at SEDC, but if your boy would prefer hanging with "only the boys", this is the class for them. This hip-hop class is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm, and loads of energetic fun.

Preps Combo Class (ages 7 - 9):

Tap - This class will work on a series of tap skills in combinations timing and rhythm or which primarily uses the foot and ankle strengths. 

Jazz - This class begins with a warm-up and some stretching, to work on increasing flexibility. This class will work on leaps, turns, and stylized movement to upbeat music. 

Ballet - This class is focused on graceful, precise steps, strong core and posture, and will develop discipline and coordination. Barre work and center floor work will be taught along with terminology



By teacher approval and invite only. Recreational students who desire to take this class must have a strong foundation in ballet.

Pre-pointe is used to strengthen the ankles and placement for an easier transition to pointe. Pointe work requires an immense amount of foot and ankle strength in addition to placement of body weight. Pointe shoes have a much smaller surface area to balance on; this area is called the box of your pointe shoe. Without proper training and strength, it is quite difficult to feel secure and comfortable once up on your shoes. Pre-pointe revolves around the basis of balance and strength. These goal are reinforced through the use of many releves, balance exercises, and steps that are commonly used on pointe, such as echappe and bouree. Pre-pointe is a very important stepping stone in a dancers' education when thinking of pursuing pointe. This class ensures the proper alignment of strength that is so valuable when up on pointe.  

More information about pointe safety and pre-pointe exercises can be found under the "More" tab in the main menu bar. Just click on "More", and scroll to "Point Safety".

Preteen/Young Teen Lyrical (ages 10 - 13):

This class focuses on control and fluidity of movement. The main foundation for this style is in ballet, and uses ballet technique and terminology. Dancers will develop musicality, advance their performance skills, and solidify their ballet and jazz technique. 

More information coming soon...